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If you’re interested in subscribing to a monthly box of geeky goodies, you might consider a subscription to Nerd Block. This monthly box features a different geeky theme each month, such as “Legend of Zelda” in December. Single boxes sell quickly, so if you want to keep getting the boxes, subscribe to one of their subscription plans. Subscription plans save you money and let you cancel any time. The two-month plan costs $107 and includes two boxes worth $46 each. Shipping is $15 for each box.

While subscription boxes can be expensive, many have a variety of items to choose from. The items may be as varied as a comic book, a coffee mug, stickers, or even a commemorative item. There are even boxes focusing on specific categories of geeky products, such as computer keyboards, video game accessories, and tech paraphernalia. Many are available in both monthly and yearly versions.

You can purchase a Nerd Box from a retail store, online candy shop, or an authorized distributor. You can also buy Nerds duo boxes, which feature one flavor separated into two portions that can be mixed or eaten separately. These candies can also be purchased in larger packages, which may contain more varieties of each flavor. If you prefer, you can also buy Nerds gumballs, jelly beans, or other candy alternatives.

If you want to subscribing to a monthly box of geeky goodies, the best way to do it is to go to the Nerd Box website. These websites have everything you need to subscribe to one of their subscription boxes. Many of the boxes are themed and feature limited-edition collectibles, as well as items related to your favorite fandom. It’s also possible to customize a box to include a special item from your favorite series or movie.

If you want to subscribe to Nerd Box, you’ll be able to get a t-shirt each month. Just be sure to choose the right size t-shirt for yourself or the person you’re gifting. The boxes are shipped right to your door every month on the 10th or 20th, and they come with a t-shirt that reflects the fan’s interests. They’re the perfect gift for a gamer or nerd!

You’ll also receive a guaranteed volume-one manga or figure. You’ll receive four to seven themed items every month, and each month’s theme will vary. You can also get a t-shirt or a cool collectible. Depending on the theme of the box, there’s likely to be something for everyone in the family. The items included in your Nerd Box may even be unique or exclusive to the shop.