Everything you need to know about Physical Therapy!

How will you assess and treat my symptoms?

Torment is frequently an aftereffect of anomalous strengths or mechanics on tissues. Since it is a traumatic or dull position, development, or movement that can bring about agony, a particularly connected mechanical load or compel can likewise be a part of the arrangement.


At Advance Sports and Spine Therapy, our specialists use an exploration demonstrated appraisal framework that can be utilized to assess every musculoskeletal issue including yet not constrained to neck and back torment, upper and lower furthest points, sciatica, sacroiliac joint torment, joint inflammation, and degenerative joints/circles.

Our assessment procedure is a progressing dynamic evaluation and treatment. We by and large don’t use hot/icy packs, ultrasound, electrical incitement, or other detached treatment modalities.

Our appraisal decides stances or developments that might bother or inciting and discovers 1-2 practices that will straightforwardly impact your essential side effect. You won’t run home with a clothing rundown of activities.

Our treatment permits the patient to learn standards of administration and engages them to self treat and control their side effects, diminishing their reliance on restorative mediation. On the off chance that gifted manual treatments are required (joint preparation, control, delicate tissue activation), they are frequently combined with activities that the patient can freely mimic at home.

Nobody particular treatment is connected for a condition (no treat cutter treatment for low back agony). Or maybe, singular medicines are dictated by the specialist in light of evaluation discoveries and an individual arrangement is created in a joint effort with the patient.


What is ASTYM?

  • Soft tissue treatment that regenerates tissues that have become dysfunctional (tendons, ligaments, muscles) and can reduce or eliminate unwanted scar tissue resulting from surgery or injury, which may cause pain and/or restrict movement.
  • Instruments are run firmly along the skin in the direction of the muscle, tendon, ligament.
  • The instruments will glide over healthy tissue, but you will feel bumps where the tissue is dysfunctional, non-invasively stimulating the bodies regeneration response.
  • Based on where dysfunctional tissue is found, specific exercises are prescribed to either stretch to align tissues or resistance exercises to strengthen the new tissues.


What are the MedX machines?

  • Specialized equipment to test and strengthen the low back and neck musculature
  • Provides resistance over a full range of isolated low back or neck motion, or over a selected limited range.
  • Develops strength and endurance of the neck and back with patient specific protocol
  • Individual patient data can be compared to population ‘norms’

What is Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

  • Grading system to assess and document functional movement patterns
  • Used to assess for increased or decreased risk of injury or re-injury with sport or occupational activity
  • Functional limitations and asymmetries can be identified
  • Once identified, appropriate corrective exercises are prescribed


What do all those letters mean?

Our physical therapists have a wide range of specialty training. Below is a list of what the alphabet soup behind each of our names mean:

  • PT-The regulatory designator for physical therapist. Only PTs should be providing and overseeing the delivery of physical therapy services.
  • DPT-Doctor of Physical Therapy, the educational degree conferred .
  • Dip MDT-Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy-Highest educational level achieved through McKenzie Institute International.
  • Cert MDT-Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy
  • COMT-Certified Orthopaedic Manual/Manipulative Therapist
  • CMPT-Certified Manual Therapists
  • CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • CK-FMS-Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist
  • SFG: Strong First Girya-kettlebell certified instructor